Thanks for taking care of my boat before the Hurricane Sandy hit. Our new Tidewater was only one summer old (just a few months) and we just could not get there on time….. and we were freaking out.
—​Rob from NJ

I love my new Tidewater boat. I got the 2011 – 230 CC and it is every thing you guys said it would be. I came close to buying a Gradey White but the price was just unbelievable. I looked hard and after three months of investigating I just could not find 40 thousand of difference. Yes there were a few things but more like a couple of thousand.

I am very happy with the Tidewater 230 I got from you guys
—Mike Miller from PA

Captain Glen,

It is difficult to sum up all the great memories my family has had with our new Triumph boat. Boating the back bays of Ocean City and its inlet has opened up a whole new world. I can’t wait until spring to create more memories.

When I recommend RT 113 Boat sales and Triumph boats to my friends and family it is because of a multitude of reasons. Great service, great products, and great value sum it up
best. The staff at RT 113 Boat Sales from beginning to end made my first time boat buying experience a breeze.

The Triumph 170 CC was ideal for boating the backwaters of Ocean City. With the 6 inch draft of the 170 CC, I was able to go almost anywhere and it really gets shallow in the bays and creeks near the shore. The Roplene construction was not only easy to clean (w/Tide) and very durable, it handled the chop of the bay much better then I expected.

Last but certainly not least, RT 113 Boat Sales had the best prices on Triumph boats in the Mid-Atlantic.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing more stories with you from this past summer.
—Mike Hoffman

I got my new 215 CC at RT 113 Boat sales and it was a great first boat experance. They offer on the water training and my wife and I took them up on their offer. It was the best 1.5 hours I could have spent. We learned a lot. We would have paid extra for that training but it was included in the price of the boat.

And the price. They gave us a great deal, we saved thousands. Glen, Karen and Al sure worked hard for us.
—Ben Sanders

They rescued my boat just before the big storm and flooding hit. My wife and I were very thankful.
—Gus, a service customer

I call down the beach from Baltimore and tell the to Go Get My Boat and take care of it and I know it will be done correctly and when they say it will be done.
—John Lowmen a 4th year service customer (as of 2007)

​We absolutely love our Tidewater that we purchased last summer! Rt. 113 Boat Sales and Service is the best! We had a great experience dealing with them and highly recommend them to everyone!
–Linda Anagnostakos

Gary Beach, a prominent local business owner in West Ocean City Owner of a new 235 CC has called us more than once just to say “I really love my boat.” Now that is a nice call to receive any day.