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We do a market valuation and e-mail the results to you with our recommendation of what price we think the boat will sell for.

Please Note: YOU are responsible for maintaining insurance on your boat even while it is in our possession. Our insurance does not cover your boat motor, trailer or any items left on or in the boat.  Initial here that YOU UNDERSTAND X_____

We offer a Store & Sell service for late model boats, years 2004 and later.

  • We offer a pickup service for your boat if needed.+
  • We offer pre-sale prep for your boat if needed.+
  • We list your boat online at a powerful internet multi search “Boat Only” site.*
  • We do an e-mail blast to our database of over 3200 prospective boat buyers.
  • We will place a sign on your boat so prospective buyers can see your boats information.
  • We will qualify prospective prospects, present you the offer and if you accept, we will take them for the test drive. Get the deal done and guarantee you get “Good Money” for your used boat.

+ Additional fees apply for this service.
*The fees for this service is $150.00 including for internet placement. This fee is non-refundable.

Our commission for selling your boat is 10% of the selling price with a $3,500.00** minimum (boats up to 20 feet on their own trailer), $4,000** minimum (23 and under on their own trailer). Boats from 24 feet and up will be on a case by case basis. NOTE: Boat not on their own trailer will incur additional cost related to blocking and unblocking. **Plus any cost related to the sale.

You pay any additional cost required to make ready for sale and any other related cost. (Stuff we need to fix and or check out prior to us listing your boat, demo rides etc…. Also our service technician will perform an inspection on all brokered boats prior to listing. The fees for this service is 1.0 to 1.5 hours at $125 per with a $100 minimum of labor. On the water test drive, usually $125 to $175.)

  • We also charge a one dollar a foot monthly cleaning fee and first time cleaning may cost more.
  • Example: For a 21 foot boat you will see a monthly fee of $21.00. Clean Boats sell much faster then dirty boats.
  • Please note that if your boat has a loan pending then the fees may be higher.
  • Boats without a trailer will have additional fees. Please call for details.

When you’re buying a “NEW” boat from us and we are selling your boat for you, here is what is different: We will cap our commission at $2,500** for boats up to 20 feet,  and $3,000** for up to 23 feet plus and cost related to the sale. Boats over 23 feet will be quoted separately and will incur additional commissions. All must be on their own trailer Boats without a trailer will have additional fees. ​**Plus any cost related to the sale.

Comments on additional terms of agreement below



Agreement between RT 113 Boat Sales and Seller of Boat – Page 2 of 2

Make ___________________ Model ____________ Model Year __________

Motor make, HP and Model Year _____________________________ Trailer Make, Model and Year ________________________

I accept the terms of the options I have selected above and understand only My insurance covers my boat and that you RT 113 Boat Sales do not provide any insurance coverage at any time and that you RT 113 Boat Sales is not responsible for any loss and/or related injury of any kind.

My insurance coverage is with ____________________________________ and is active and coverage is good through ____/ ____/ _____

I (the seller) understands that there are fees above the agreed upon commissions.
The fees for this service is $150.00 including for internet placement. This fee is non-refundable.
(If Needed) Cleaning fees, inspection, mechanical repairs, transport to and from ramp, test drive and any cost related to getting the boat sold.
Initial here that YOU UNDERSTAND X_____

Print Name _________________________________________

Sign Name ____________________________________________

Seller Contact Info

Phone ______________________________________________

E-Mail address _____________________________________________________________

Agreed upon list price: $_________________________________

Lowest amount you are willing to sell the boat for (before commission’s, internet listing fees, and cost related to making the boat ready for sale): $______________________________

What are you including in the sale (life jackets, coast guard equipment, covers, bimini, electronics models):