The State of the Marine Industry and the VIRUS.

URGENT from the Desk of the Sales Manager at

RT 113 Boat Sales.


The State of the Marine Industry and the VIRUS.

Inventory (new boats) in the field at dealerships are at record lows. The number of Retail Sold Boats On-Order is at record high numbers for this time of year.

So, what is the future hold for the New Boat side of the Marine Industry?

Continued shortages and longer waits from time of order to delivery of your new boat.

Why is this happening?

Demand for new boats has skyrocketed due to the virus impact on leisure time. Travel has all but been wiped out and is not expected to return to “Pre-Virus levels” for many years if ever.

How many families are going to get on a cruise ship anytime soon and take the “Yearly Family Trip”? How soon will you be getting back on an airplane and sitting inside of this sealed tube for hours on end with one hundred plus people that you do not know who they are or their health conditions.                                                                                                                   You can however get on your boat with families, friends, have fun and feel safe.

But there is more to the New Boat Inventory Shortage we are experiencing. There is a shortage of parts to complete the build process. Manufacturing was shut down for two months plus and although most are up and running again, the industry expects “Pockets” of future shutdowns to occur. If the Boat Builders cannot get enough pumps and cleats, they cannot finish the build process.

Plan on waiting for Boat Shows to make you purchase?

The Marine Industry Does Not Know if the planned boat shows will be allowed to open this 2020/2021 boat show season. Will you and your family come to a boat show and mingle with some other 5,000 to 20,000 people climbing on and off of boats for hours and days at a time? How can we as dealers sanitize the boats surfaces properly and safely after each family Climbs on Board and touches everything? Will the new boat dealer’s employees be willing to work a boat show where they Meet and Greet some 10 to 20 thousand people?

The answer to all above is Most Likely Not!

Click here to see –> 2020 ANNAPOLIS BOAT SHOWS CANCELED

Planning on buying a new boat and just not sure what to do and or when to do it?

Do you research and find a brand and model that fits your family needs.

Find a dealer that you trust will be there to support you after the sale.

Place your order for custom built to “Your Specs” new boat sooner rather than later.


About RT 113 Boat Sales.

We are working to maintain a high volume of new boat sales so we can continue to get our customers the best deals out there. No One Beats My deals! Our pipeline of Sold on Order Boats runs through and into April of 2021 and it is only November 27th. All boats are model year 2021

If you want a new boat for next spring, buying here or buying somewhere else,

you may want to place that new boat order now.

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